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Build your 6-figure business with speaking

In record time, without tech overwhelm.

How? The 4 emotions of The 1-Minute Talk. Watch the masterclass.

Watch this 1-Minute Talk

Watch this 1-Minute Talk

Lisa went from broke and alone to $1,000 per hour.

Watch this 1-Minute Talk

Getting Clients Should Be Easy, Right?

Getting Clients Should Be Easy, Right?

You're a powerful

  • Coach, consultant or pro-service provider
  • You move mountains for your clients
  • Ready for $10K+ months & 6-figure years.

But attracting clients leaves you

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Invisible?
  • Frustrated by zero-dollar months? (or lack of growth?)

You're not alone.

Getting Clients Should Be Easy, Right?

I know that pain


Getting Clients Should Be Easy, Right?

Meet Marina: Speech writer, mom, oatmilk latte seeker

After recovering from face-down failure, Marina Stamos, creator of the science-based 1-Minute Talk®️, built a multiple 6-figure business and became a globally recognized speaking-to-income coach and speech writer.

  • She is an Emmy-nominated TV news writer
  • Has spoken on stages around the world
  • Once walked into a telephone pole while obsessing about the words her clients would speak to attract premium clients.

She also obsesses about being a mom, wife, dog-mom and LGBTQ+ advocate, and can be seen walking for blocks (and blocks) in search of the perfect oatmilk latte.

With her amazingly hard-working team, she has helped 1,000+ people, mostly solopreneurs, increase revenue by $30M combined.

Getting Clients Should Be Easy, Right?



From $15K to $180K per year, with only her words.

KISHA IMANI CAMERON, Exec. Producer Oprah Winfrey; Elite Career Coach



First $13,000 month

You helped me know how to talk about my work at networking events and close premium clients.

ARLINE WARWICK, Corporate Sponsorship Consultant

Landed a major utility client

Marina’s coaching led to my representing a major utility and a significant rev increase!

LINELL LUKESH, ESQ, Corporate Atty

More clients. Best seller.

You're a miracle worker! You helped me grow my business launch a best seller!

MOSS JACKSON, PHD, Corporate Psychologist



TV news writer & producer

Client Successes


how we help

Don't wait years for

a profitable talk.

Woman Taking Notes in the Cafe

Don't let another day pass without a profitable talk.

Done-with-You and Done-for-You Speech & Webinar Writing

Imagine FINALLY having that talk written and profitable. No more wrestling with your script alone for months, even years.

  • Writing & delivery coaching
  • Gig outreach coaching
  • Systems & tech

Don't wait years for

a profitabtalk.

Don't wait years for

a profitabtalk.


High touch, fastest path to 6 figures

  • VIP done-with-you and done-for-you writing and business building.
  • World-class strategies customized to you.


Small groups ensure a high touch experience

  • Massive results and incredible support.
  • Premium content: grow while having more time flexibility.

VIP INTENSIVES: 1:1 with Marina

Solve your biggest problem in a day.

  • 90 minutes to 7 hours all about you and your business


Watch the free masterclass.

Claim free gift.



From $2.5K to $12K per month in only six weeks.

LIZ HATCHER, Founder, Women to Women Network, Oregon



$130K from one event!

You helped me add $17,000 in 5 weeks to my monthly income. Your pricing support helped me generate $130,000 from my event.

TONI HARRIS TAYLOR, Networking & Sales Consultant

$100K in new business & Vistage speaker.

You helped me triple my income from self hosted workshops, secured a VISTAGE spot, $100K in new business.

PETER SANTRY, Leadership consultant to 9-Figure Companies



Marina, You nailed it. Period.

SCOTT KORN, CEO, Bengal Paper, and "40 Millionaires Under 40" CEO, Entrepreneur Magazine


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